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CorporateConnect.AB can show you how to successfully engage Indigenous businesses and support Supply Nation certified suppliers using a process of facilitation, engagement and diagnosis.


CorporateConnect.AB works with your business to successfully engage Indigenous businesses.

CorporateConnect.AB can facilitate a dedicated workshop and procurement diagnostic specifically for small to medium enterprises and is ideally suited to businesses that do not have dedicated purchasing or procurement resources within their teams.

Engage:   The Indigenous procurement process focuses on the engagement of Indigenous businesses with an emphasis on increasing expen­diture with Supply Nation certified suppliers.

Diagnose:  In addition, and perhaps most importantly, the Diagnostic aims to obtain a clear picture of existing spend; identify opportuni­ties for leverage, consolidation and/or savings; and manage commercial risks.

10 step plan for improvement:  As every business is unique, upon completion of the Diagnostic the business agrees on a ten step plan for improvement. The plan provides key actions for the achievement of increased Indigenous business engagement and, ideally, delivers a better cost position for the business.The plan for improvement can be managed either in house or using the ongoing services and support of CorporateConnect.AB.

CorporateConnect.AB products
In addition to our advisory and consultancy services, we have a range of products which can provide an Indigenous 'spend' for organisations which have made a commitment to supporting Indigenous businesses.

Our products include:

Bondi Water:  Naturally filtered through layers of sandstone, over thousands of years and bottled directly at the source.

Coffee Cups:  Proudly made in Australia from sustainable products and featuring the artwork of Aboriginal artist Keith Brown.

  To download our Coffee cup brochure please Click Here

Print Nation:  Our print management service is able to deliver printing solutions from a short run one flyer to a glossy annual report, business cards to brochures and books, catalogues and magazines and more.

Ritual Australia:  A range of bathroom amenities, including guest hair and body care products with Indigenous active botanical ingredients sourced Australia wide.  These are currently supplied to hotels and other hospitality outlets.

Some of Our Partners include

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