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Bondi Water

noun (boon dye; bon di)
1.  Aboriginal word meaning water over rocks.

Bondi Water is pure Australian spring water filtered naturally over sandstone rock.  Bottled directly at the source.  Water over rocks.

Bondi  Water was created in partnership with CorporateConnect.AB in response to the growing retail and corporate demand for bottled spring water in Australia.

Bondi water is pure, all natural and Australian owned.  Our brand is designed to communicate and educate consumers on Australia's first culture, the Aboriginal people.  A culture that has existed for tens of thousands of years.

Bondi is a consumable product available in 600ml bottles, distributed wholesale on a B2B basis.

Bondi is one of Australia's most famous tourist destinations situated approximately 8km to the east of the city of Sydney, Australia. It is also the location of one of the first recorded sightings of the Aboriginal people upon European settlement. They had occupied Bondi for thousands of years before that time.

The word "Bondi" is defined in Aboriginal history as meaning 'water over rocks', or the 'sound of water breaking over rocks'. For Aboriginal people, water is an intricate part of the landscape that holds social, cultural and economic importance. Its value is intangible.

Bondi Water is water naturally filtered through layers of sandstone, over thousands of years, bottled directly at the source. The result is high quality pure Australian spring water just like that enjoyed by Australia's first nation's people. To the traditional owners of Bondi, both past and present, we shall always respect......

For more information download the Bondi Water brochure.