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CorporateConnect.AB plays a critical role in 'closing the gap' in Indigenous employment.  We facilitate the development and implementation of Indigenous employment and retention strategies and community engagement plans.  

Our mission and focus

CorporateConnect.AB is a key plank of the David Liddiard Group and is committed to 'closing the gap' in Indigenous disadvantage working directly with business, government agencies, schools, not for profits and Indigenous communities to achieve improvements in education, employment and financial security and independence for this country's original inhabitants.

We do this by engaging our corporate partners in career pathways, employment and economic development initiatives which we undertake on behalf of Indigenous communities in remote, regional and urban locations.

Responding to the needs of corporate Australia we create authentic experiences that build understanding in how to engage successfully with Indigenous Australia for the long term and strategies for achieving successful employment outcomes, including recruitment and retention.

Some of Our Partners include

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