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Keith Brown

Keith Brown was born in 1948 in Guyra, New England tablelands, New South Wales. His father is from the Ngarabal language group and mother from Biripai language group. In the mid 1960s he moved to the western suburbs of Sydney.  


He became interested in Aboriginal art later in life, handcrafting boomerangs from elbows of mulga trees and painting different designs on them. Recently Keith has turned his hand to canvas and larger designs. His artwork is influenced by the colors, contours and textures of the land in the north-west and western parts of NSW where he spent his youth. 



“There is always a  story behind an Indigenous artwork" Keith Brown 

Allan Sumner_edited.jpg

Allan Sumner

As a descendant of the Ngarrindjeri people who come from the lower Murray, the Kaurna people from the Adelaide plains region and the Yankunytjatjara people from central Australia, Allan Sumners art focuses on Dreaming Stories passed down from generations before him. He uses earthy tones and contrasting cooler colours to create visual movement in his art and is committed to preserving and sharing his cultural heritage.  

Russell Brown_edited_edited.jpg

Russell 'Yilamara' Brown

Russell ‘Yilamara’ Brown is a contemporary Indigenous artist whose family is connected to the Roper Gulf area of the Northern Territory. During WW2 his family was taken from their Country to the Emerald River Mission and later relocated to Mulgoa Mission on the outskirts of Sydney where they eventually settled on the upper north shore of Sydney where he was born. His art style was passed down to him from his family and consists of their lived experiences and cultural heritage.  


“Language is intrinsic to our being, it is the basis of one’s stories, Songlines, the place where we fit within our group and community, our connection to Country and our identity. Preserving, reviving and strengthening our culture and language through art is essential to our identity and wellbeing.”  Russell "Yilmara" Brown 

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