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Grant & Tender Writing

The CCAB team provides consultancy to Office of the Indigenous Registrar (ORIC)

registered corporations and ASIC registered businesses and

Not For Profits (NFPs).


In addition to the provision of direct grant and tender writing services,

we provide specialist workshops that empower Aboriginal business owners

to confidently develop proposals for grants and tenders to assist with economic

development initiatives.


Corporations are often governed and administered by an under resourced team

or a team that find themselves in a board position without having benefit of

understanding their obligations.

This as a result, often means that readily accessible grant opportunities are not being converted due to a lack of awareness the grants are available, or a lack of time and resource to write the application - often both.

Successful grant applications can also develop issues due to a lack of understanding on how to correctly administer the funds as well as resourcing the associated funding bodies acquittal requirements.

We understand that whilst there is often disquiet within Corporation boards and members, there is a passionate desire to move forwards in securing culture and country and ensuring their mob is healthy and successful.

To understand how CCAB can help, reach out to us for a yarn.

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